About Us
A quality early childhood education is crucial for the development of young children. Positive approach of learning plus loving and comfortable environment will enhance the children to achieve success in their life later.

Here at In-Kids Pre School, we believe that children should be given an opportunity to strive their full potential to their best. Not only emphasizes on academic excellence but also building a strong foundation of character building through holistic learning in their daily activities, for the children to achieve self-esteem and respect for others.

We are promoting the seven multiple intelligence in every lesson or activities conducted in our centres.
  • Linguistic: the intelligence of words.
  • Logical-mathematical: the intelligence of numbers and reasoning.
  • Spatial: the intelligence of pictures and images.
  • Musical: the intelligence of tone, rhythm, and timbre.
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic: the intelligence of the whole body and the hands.
  • Interpersonal:  the intelligence of social interactions
  • Intrapersonal:  the intelligence of self-knowledge
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